A Greener Way of Getting Around!

Why use a bus pass?

What’s the CSA Bike Centre?

Carpooling? Sounds fun!

Using a bus pass provides an immense amount of benefits both for you and the environment! As you already know, travelling to and from school on the bus allows one to cut back on the costs of owning and driving a car! Payments like insurance, license renewal fees, parking passes, and possibly repairs all add up to chunk out of your pocket, and let’s face it, gas ain’t that cheap either! So why go through paying all of that when you can grab a stress free ride by using your UoG bus pass? It’s a part of our tuition and a more than feasible means of getting around Guelph!

The CSA Bike Centre is an awesome resource for getting handy with your bike and you might even learn a thing or two there by using the array of tools they have available for use. Did I mention that this great CSA service is free?! Biking is a great option to get to school and an awesome way to get into shape while also reducing vehicle emissions in the air. Also it’s a super cheap way of getting around!

So what if you do own a car and opt for driving it to school every day? Why not pick up other friends or take turns carpooling other people you know who may own a car. You’ll find you won’t be breaking the bank that often for gas money and that having an extra person or two in the car will provide itself for some engaging conversation! Carpooling can be a great option for the winter when you don’t feel like shovelling your driveway everyday to take your car out too!

Let’s take a step, bike ride, flash of student ID, or turn in dropping a size in our eco footprint and hopefully be the generation in changing our impact on the environment.

By: Rakshika Rajakaruna


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