Become an Eco-Friendly Shopaholic

By: Rakshika Rajakaruna

Not only is being ecofriendly good for the environment, it can also be good for your wallet.

Since the holidays, most of us are probably loaded up with new gadgets, gift cards and all around stuff. Some of us may still be on a shopping high from the oh-so sweet deals we’ve gotten over the break. But how about before lining up to pay for a new item, you consider whether you really need it. The production of certain products impacts the environment. Components such as the wrapping and packaging of a product also play a role in the impact the disposal of a product has on the environment. When thinking about purchasing something you really want (not need), try waiting 30 days after the first time you decide you want it to really make your decision. This will also help control impulse buying habits!

With purchases that are necessary, try replacing the disposable products with reusable ones. Things like razors, batteries, and food storage containers are everyday items that can be reused when one is using a non-disposable version of the product. It may be more costly at first but over time you’ll find buying packages of disposable razor blades and ziploc bags every month will start to take a beating on your wallet. Ink cartridges can be reused by simply buying the refill ink and not the cartridge itself. Whenever possible, try replacing disposable products with reusable ones.

Lastly, when you’re thinking about making a purchase, try thinking about if you can buy that product used. Or even borrow it? Things like stereos, cushions, or even coffee pots can be shared amongst friends and help cut down on the cost of buying the product brand new if it won’t be used that often. Or if it is going to be used often, how about buying it from a local thrift store, Ebay, or Amazon. These sites are great for having a variety of used products for sale.

Throwing cash away at items that aren’t needed, can only be used once, or can be found used or borrowed wastes money and can have a negative impact on the environment.


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