Beer bottles are so much more

Beer bottles are so much more

It’s the time of year where garages, storage rooms, and the tops of refrigerators are filled with glass bottles of different shapes and sizes. Whether if they’re from the crazy St. Patty’s events from this past weekend or from the end of exams party from last year, beer bottles and such can accumulate and accumulate fast.

So what can you do with empty bottles?

Well first off, how about getting some cash for them? The Beer Store will gladly take them off your hands. The LCBO has a sustainability program where if you pay a 10-20 cents deposit per bottle for your alcohol, you will get the deposit back if you return the empties to the Beer Store. Bottles from beer already have this deposit added to the charge so by not returning them to get recycled at the Beer Store, you could be losing out on getting an additional 5-10 bucks back. It’s a super easy way to recycle while also getting a bit of cash that could be used for your next drink venture.

If the design and the shape of certain bottles intrigues you enough that you wouldn’t want to get rid of them, then how about decorating them? If you thoroughly wash and remove the label from some wine bottles, they could make for some really interesting-looking centerpieces and vases.

How about using them for gardening?

If you have enough patience, filling a bottle with plant soil and seeds is an easy way to use them for flower pots. Start by filling the bottle ¾ of the way up with plant soil and add the seeds with some additional soil overtop. Water once a day and place by a window or sun-filled place, and in 2 weeks you’ll be enjoying a beer-born plant all your own!

The recycling of old glass bottles helps to avoid getting them into landfills and into an environment where they can be reused. With so many things one can do with them, the sound of glasses clinking will be one to trigger the thought of creativity and petty cash.

By: Rakshika Rajakaruna


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