Reusable Resources

As many of you might know already, there are many resources on campus to help you on your way in becoming a more sustainable student. Some of these have special incentives too!

To start off, students who purchase hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolates!) using their own reusable mugs ALWAYS get their drink for the price of a regular instead of a large size! On “Muggy Mondays”, a campus wide event every week ,you also get double stamps on your Hospitality coffee cards which speeds you up to that ultimate free drink you’ve been patiently waiting for. With Muggy Mondays in mind, you’ll be surprised to see how much extra pocket change you have!

A new initiative that has just started taking place on campus is the purchase of a $5 “I am reusable” card which allows students to purchase & eat meals in the UC centre 6 food court with reusable containers. These containers are then collected back after every meal and students can grab a new one with their next meal when they present their “I am reusable” card. This is a pretty sweet deal! You don’t have to lug around your own reusable container, don’t have to do any extra dishes, AND you’re eating an eco-guilt free meal all at the same time! How awesome is that?!

Ever wondering what to do with those extra plastic bags you have lying around your room? If you feel like getting rid of them, how about donating them to the Small Animal Clinic locater near the OVC. People often use them as dog litter bags for dog walkers and it’s a great way to get rid of them in a reusable fashion as well.

Lastly, want to get rid of those old cell phones, chargers, batteries? Drop by the Sustainability Office located on Trent Lane. We’re more than happy to take them off your hands!

For more on campus resources to help you minimize your ecological footprint checkout:

By: Rakshika Rajakaruna



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