The Benefits of Locavore Living!

You’ve probably heard someone this year tell you that it’s better to buy and eat local. Well, they were right! And for a variety of reasons. If you’re thinking of getting in on the trend and buying products a little closer to you, here are four big reasons why becoming a ‘locavore’ is a great idea!


Local produce is healthier.

Local fruits and vegetables, compared to those that travel a long way to get to you, contain more nutrients. The longer you wait after harvesting to consume it, the fewer nutrients it will have. Local foods were likely picked within a few days of purchase and are fresher and tastier!

It benefits the environment.

When your food travels far distances to get to your plate, it uses up a lot of energy to get there. When you buy local, travel is reduced and so is the fossil fuel consumption required for the trip. Local farmers are also more likely to implement more sustainable practices, which compliments environmental health as well.

It encourages healthier living.

When we know more about where our food comes from, it connects us more deeply with our food system and increases healthier food choices. People that buy local are more likely to make home-cooked meals, avoiding pre-packaged, processed, and sodium-rich foods from grocery stores.

It supports your community.

When you buy local, you’re giving a boost to the suppliers living around you and supporting your local economy. Additionally, when you buy from local farmers, a greater percentage of your dollar goes directly to the grower, which they can use to help keep the business going and to help preserve the land they occupy.

For more information about buying local, contact your local health unit, or talk to a participant at your local farmer’s market.