How To: Pack for a Trash-Free Road-trip

The long weekend is coming up and I’m sure many people are packing to get away from the city or even just for a small vacation. Packing trash-free when on the go can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you have no idea where the road will take you. So I  piled up a few tips and tricks to give you a head start on your trip!

  1. Know what your favourite meals and snacks are, and stock up on the them the day before. If your trip is only for the day, make your meals the night before. This can include anything from rice dishes, to sandwiches, pastas etc. Shop the bulk section of the grocery store. I find snacks like crackers, granola, trail mixes, dry fruit, apples, and pre cut vegetables are the best on the go. Check out our recent energy balls recipe post, BEST TRAVEL SNACK!!
  2. Bring your reusable containers. Various sizes and types can be used for multiple purposes. This ranges from coffee mugs to mason jars to store food waste (next tip), jars for snacks and even when you’re grabbing ice cream at the local dairy shop and your reusable water bottle. Pick jars that fit in cup holders for easy snacking!
  3. Car-mpost! It may be hard to get rid of compost when you’re in a car, because not every facility may have one. The best way is to keep a good-sized mason jar, and store all of your food scraps in there. Do not throw your food waste out the window! It does take a while for the food to decompose, but that’s not the main issue. When food is tossed on the side of the road, animals get drawn to cross roads, and accidents happen.
  4. Pack your other to-go essential tools. This includes stuff like reusable cutlery, small towels as napkins, a banana container (my #1 essential), and a cloth napkin for on the go picnics or wrapping up baked goods.
  5. Do not get tempted by the souvenirs. They may seem nice in the moment, but are you really ever going to use them, or remember you have them? Take a picture instead!
  6. Pack the car wisely. Place your bags of food and items you will reach for often during your trip, to avoid unpacking, buying unnecessary food or stopping the car.
  7. Plan ahead. If you know the ending destination and route you will be taking, plan ahead where you can stop for dinner, or for a bathroom stop. If you are looking for a place to eat, chain restaurants by the highway will usually be harder to arrange a low waste meal. If possible, go off the beaten path and find a locally-owned restaurant, or a market.
  8. Communicate. It’s sometimes hard to get a low waste option when making purchases on the road, especially if the other person isn’t informed about what’s going on. Explain to them your lifestyle with compassion and work with them to find a solution.
  9. Have fun! A road trip is a super fun experience. Don’t make it too stressful by trying to be perfect. Bring some old CDs to play some throwback tunes, belt out in the car, take some photos at your stops to document the whole experience, but always remember to be safe!

Giving you guys a little road-trip photo collection because why not, right!?

Algonquin Park! One of the best Ontario Provincial Parks.
18554976_10156284162618508_316941087_n (1)
Driving through the Austrian Alps.
18578999_10156284156428508_1016519162_n (1)
On the way to Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica.
18518490_10156284162578508_1672190670_n (1)
Czech Republic Country Side.
18518501_10156284156453508_1783939061_n (1)
Small quaint town in Poland.
Double Rianbow, OMG! Poland countryside.
Port Credit, Mississauga Sunset.
Crawford Lake, Milton. A great day trip for Guelphites or Torontonians!


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