Easy Daily Waste-Free Tips

Here are some tips for your every day life to make living waste-free just that much easier! 

  1. Whenever leaving your house, always make sure you have packed your reusable water bottle.
  2. Ask for no straw when you are buying a drink (straws are not recyclable).
  3. Bring a mason jar to work or school to store your compost. When you get home, just compost it then.
  4. Use your stale bread to make croutons.
  5. Always carry around an extra tote bag for any surprise grocery shopping – or any shopping really!
  6. Swap Ziploc bags for reusable tin or glass containers.  Check out this container from lifewithoutplastic.  61d48bf801c8f3585a7e6a0ca87a7709
  7. Learn to love your tap water.
  8. Swap your plastic tooth brush for a bamboo toothbrush. You can find them on amazon.ca or even some of your local health grocery stores. Bamboo Toothbrushesbrush-alt-2.jpg
  9. Change your light bulbs to LED.
  10. Check out your local farmers market.
  11. Meal plan to prevent food waste.
  12. Hang dry clothing instead of using the dryer.
  13. Ditch the paper towel and use cloth rags or tea towels.
  14. If the distance isn’t too far, avoid driving. Try to walk or bike over.
  15. Avoid junk mail by placing a sticker on your front door/mailbox.
  16. Learn where to properly dispose of electronics, batteries, hairspray cans, etc.
  17. Donate your unworn clothing.
  18. If you are buying a new pair of shoes, leave the shoe box at the store.
  19. Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea. images
  20. Avoid dryer sheets and use Wool Dryer Balls. Drip a couple drops of your favourite essential oil onto them to give your clothes a fresh scent. Check out these Canadian Wool Dryer Balls. IMG_4864-5af4d0dc3aa91a018290f1c2ab4fe33a.jpg
  21. Research eco-friendly products like laundry detergents, cleaning products and even self-care products.
  22.  Use paperclips instead of staples.
  23. Replace your CDs with USB sticks.
  24. Consider natural remedies when recovering from a sickness.
  25. Wash your clothes in cold water when possible.
  26. Ask for a real coffee mug when staying at a cafe. download (1)
  27. Switch out your Teflon pan for cast iron. Get it from your local Walmart or Home Depot. Lodge is a great brand!

    Check out this Hasselback Potato Recipe from Food52.
  28. Pack a set of reusable cutlery wherever you go.

    Check out this Reusable Cutlery from  Fenigo.
  29. Avoid buying into temporary fashion trends.
  30. Reuse gift wrapping paper and bows when possible.
  31. Rinse all items before recycling them, otherwise they wont be recycled!
  32. Avoid sunscreen that contains Oxybenzone. It is the leading cause of coral bleaching.

    Check out this Nature-Friendly Spray Sunscreen from Kiss My Face.
  33. Focus on experiences rather than things.  🙂
Hang out with close friends!
Always stick with family, they will always be there for you.
Get out in Nature with your best friend, explore a little.
Be spontaneous – don’t let the rain stop your fun!
Be mindful – don’t just walk through nature, truly experience it.


The Ladies of Sustainability ❤


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