Small Scale Farming: The First Sprouts

There’s a bean! There’s a bean!” – My actual excitement when I saw the first bean sprouting. To this day I still get as excited as a five year old when it comes to plants, and I hope you do to!
giphy.gifFor this post, I’ll give you a brief look at my first sprouts and the problems I’ve encountered so far.

At this time of year, it takes beans and peas about 7-10 days to sprout, whereas carrots can take two weeks or more.
Keeping the soil evenly moist during germination, and as the seeds start sprouting is  important as these little fellas are very fragile. Carrot sprouts are the most fragile, so take extra care when watering so they don’t end up flat against the ground. Remember: you want moist soil, not a swamp!

My first little bean!
Peas popped up quickly and started sprouting leaves right away
Carrots were slow coming, and popped up in bunches (a sign of my poor seed spreading).

The first shoots are nice tender snacks for little bunnies and squirrels, so you may need to protect them. Cayenne pepper works great to detour them. Some people mix dried cayenne with water in a spray bottle, but I prefer to sprinkle it right onto the plants right after their regular watering.

After finding a couple large holes and some unidentifiable animal poop (maybe raccoon… probably this cat?? See evidence below), we decided to put down chicken wire. At the end of the season we will either remove it, or keep it on and sow through it next year. I sowed a second set of beans through the chicken wire and it worked fine.


Despite the critter issues, the garden is thriving and the raised garden beds are working beautifully! Soon I’ll be bringing you a blog on how to make your plants grow as big and strong as possible, keep an eye out for it!


The Ladies of Sustainability ❤


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