Getting Involved with the Sustainability Office

Ever wondered how you can get involved with the Sustainability Office? Now’s your chance to check out our programs and learn how you can be a part of them!

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How to be a Sustainable Student

To all new students, welcome to the University of Guelph!! For returning students, welcome back!! To get you starting off the new school year right, we’ve compiled a list of some great ways to be a sustainable student at UofG! The great thing is that it is super easy to be environmentally friendly at UofG because of all the amazing initiatives that we have going on. Be sure to let us know on social media which tips you try or let us know some tips that you use yourself that we might have missed!

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Where To Eat #Meatless on Campus

Are you a vegetarian/vegan student at the University of Guelph? Struggling to find good food options? Look no further, I will tell you the endless amounts of delicious foods you can find on campus. You will leave a happy little full camper 😉

Central Campus

The University Centre 

The UC Food Court

uc food

  • Nature’s Best: A fully vegetarian/vegan eatery, with meal choices changing daily
  • Salad/Soup Bar: Check daily for different salad choices. The vegetarian/vegan options will be labeled. Varies from potato salad, tofu noodles, hummus, fresh veggies etc.
  • Breakfast and Cereal Bar: No time to eat breakfast? In the morning, the bar turns into a breakfast spot with cereal, granola, soy milk, fruit, yogurt and cheese.
  • Pastabilities: Your choice of pasta, with fresh veggies, sauce, and add tofu.
  • New Asian Fusion: Many ethical dishes inspired by the chefs themselves. From samosas to curries.
  • Pastries: Most pastries should be vegetarian. There are vegan pastries right in the fridges by the cash register, brand is Sweet To Earth.
  • Booster Juice: Loads of smoothies that are vegetarian. Easily make any smoothie vegan by substituting out the yogurt/whey protein with soy milk or soy protein.



  • Everything vegan/vegetarian on the menu will be marked. This includes Vegan Nachos, to tofu wraps etc.

Bob’s Dogs

bobs dog

  • Offers a vegetarian/vegan hot dog.

North Campus

Lennox Addington Pit

  • Omelette/Pasta Bar: Offers vegetarian omelettes, and easy to make pasta vegan (offer tofu)
  • Needa Pita: Hummus wrap, falafel or grilled vegetable are all vegan
  • Hot Grill: Offer grill cheese sandwhiches

Creelman Marketplace


  • Nature’s Best: See UC FoodCourt for details


  • Mongolian Grill: Choose from an assortment of veggies, noodles and protein source (tofu available) and watch your food being freshly grilled right in front of you.
  • 100 Mile Grille: Perfect place to go with a non #meatless friend. Fresh Local Foods made into delicious meals. Including; sweet potatoe fries, bean burger, french toast etc.

South Campus


Mountain Snacks/Windows Cafe

  • Homemade crepes, smoothies, waffles
  • vegetarian dinner and lunch options available

Prairie Hall 

  • Mongolian Grill: See Above for details.


  • Salad Bar


  • Make your own Sundae Bar

West Campus

Offers many cafes but not the best place to find vegetarian/vegan meals, only snacks.

Roaming (Food Truck Nation)

Caffeine Canteen


  • Get your fair trade coffee here
  • Sometimes offer vegan pastries, so be sure to check their instagram posts daily.

Gryph Grille

gryphgrille_danabellamyRGB (1)

  • Offer a vegan hotdog and burger
  • Get Fries too because life is too short my friends


Fresh Organic Vegetables and Herbs

University of Guelph Organic Farm

  • Buy organic produce grown right here on campus! Below you will see a map of where it is located on campus. (Big orange Star)

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.29.49 AM


Be sure to explore the campus and see what other options the school might offer! The options are endless.

Also don’t forget about the off-campus dining where there are loads of places you can eat at.

Enjoy all the deliciousness !


The Ladies of Sustainability ❤

Sustainable O-Week Events

Welcome #NewGryphons! We hope you are as excited to be here as we are to have you here! O-week is a busy time with so many amazing events to attend, so to make your life easier we compiled a list of sustainable events happening this week. These events are low-impact, sustainability themed, run by a club focused on sustainability, or ALL the above!

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