Tasty Tuesday: Chipotle Tortilla Soup

Tasty Tuesday… because any day can be a meatless day!

It has been a bit rainy around here lately. And I know summer isn’t always the most ideal time for soup, but for rainy days in, it is perfect. I mean an excuse to snuggle up in bed and watch some Netflix, yes please.

This recipe was actually adapted from Hot for Food’s Tortilla Soup Recipe. Thank you Lauren for doing so much magic in the kitchen. You rock.

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Meatless Monday: Veggie Burgers

The long weekend is upon us and you know what that means – BBQ time! If you’re looking for the perfect grillable veggie burger for the cottage, a backyard get-together with friends, or any night of the week, look no further! The Ladies of Sustainability have found it for you! This burger is flavourful, nutritious, and totally satisfying to meat eaters, veggies, and vegans alike. My favourite part of this recipe is that the ingredient list consists of items I always have. The recipe is adapted from Minimalist Baker’s Grillable Veggie Burger with a few changes of my own.

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Mac and “Cheese” Please

Hello all. We at the Sustainability office would like to cordially invite you to another wonderfully tasty Tuesday! So please, put your treacherous, toilsome, tasks aside and make your way for a Meatless Monday, or should I say Meatless One day that is based on a favourite comfort food but made a lot healthier and a lot more… well vegan!

Macaroni and “Cheese” just got a lot less cheesy!

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