Moving in Sustainably

Welcome to Guelph, new Gryphons! We know that you’re all very excited to be moving into residence soon, and we’re very excited to have you here! Before you move in, check out this post for some insights on how to move into your new home in a sustainable way! Continue reading “Moving in Sustainably”


10 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Coffee to Compost is an amazing initiative on campus that was introduced to the University in 2012 and implemented in 2013 by Carolyn Chan. It started small but in the last five years has expanded significantly, and it is always growing! To commemorate the anniversary of this program we give you: 10 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds! Continue reading “10 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds”

Wastefree Wednesday: Water Bottles – Part Two

If you didn’t read our last #WasteFreeWednesday post All About Plastic Water Bottles, stop right here and read that first!
Now that you’re informed about the issues surrounding bottled water, we have compiled a few ways that YOU can help lead the world towards a water bottle free future. Plus, check out Maddy’s account of Waterstock 2017!

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Waste Free Wednesday: All About Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles, let’s just start by say one thing and one thing only: N-O, no, nah, nope, nuh uh, never, nein. Like come on, its 2017 – how are these still a thing? We need to put our feet down people, it is time to get rid of these once and for all!
So this week’s  #WasteFreeWednesday is all about …. The atrocious, shameful, horrendous, repulsive plastic water bottles! Why they suck, why they still somehow exist in 2017, and what you (yes you!) can do about it (and what is already being done, holla!).
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How To: Pack for a Trash-Free Road-trip

The long weekend is coming up and I’m sure many people are packing to get away from the city or even just for a small vacation. Packing trash-free when on the go can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you have no idea where the road will take you. So I  piled up a few tips and tricks to give you a head start on your trip!

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